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Your Hourly Horary Reading by Bill Kennick. Leo likes
to tell you how great he is, (he may be). I like the Leo
 doctor to operate on me because he thinks he is God
or maybe God's chosen. He doesn't say,"I'm not sure I
 can do this." He may be. Of course, he may be an idiot
 but he would never see it. You have to give Leos a little
 slack but not as much as they think they have coming.
 Leo likes to take the Lion's share, but they are usually
kind to the other animals, as long as they acknowledge
 Leo's greatness. Go figure. Narcissism seems to be the
 new battle cry for the media to describe anybody whom
 they dont like, who trys to distinguish himself or who
tries to stand out from the crowd. What they are
 describing is a Leo like individualism and proclivity
to be judgmental. The ultimate Leo who is disliked is
deemed an oligarch, whereas the man they do like is
called a philanthropist. Oligarch, Philanthropist, Narcissist,
 all Leo traits. This is why Leo is king., and king of the beasts.

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